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Does Alcohol affect Acne

Admin account - Friday, December 21, 2012

Going to lots of parties over the summer break. This usually includes some sort of beverage, typically being alcoholic. Can this be a cause to your acne?

As it usually goes with acne, anything can cause or make acne worse depending on the person. However, there have been connections between acne and alcohol. Regular consumption of alcohol can actually decrease your immune systems ability. The immune system is what helps fight the bacteria that cause acne in the skin. If your immune system is down, you will have a harder time fighting this and it may lead to an increased in the bacteria that causes acne.

Also, people usually are drinking because they are stressed. Usually stress can affect your hormones. There is a huge connection between hormone levels and acne. Alcohol has also been linked to changes in your hormones. Therefore, the combination of drinking when you are stressed and the effect of alcohol on your hormones, may increase your acne.

Another reason that alcohol can affect your skin is through your liver. Alcohol does cause your liver to function in overdrive. If it is too busy trying to cleanse your body of alcohol, it will not be able to properly release and regulate your hormones. Also, you become very dehydrated while you are drinking. Having decreased water in your body can decrease the ability to wash out the toxins from your body. This means the toxins will be in your body longer and can create acne.

As stated previously, there is no direct connection. However, there are many things that alcohol does to your body that can affect your ability to battle acne. If you do have severe acne, try to decrease your consumption over this festive system.

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